Siddharth Sharma

Hi there, I'm Sidd! I'm a Full Stack Software Engineer.
I like to consider my self an all-rounder in the dev realm, who is skilled in Full Stack Development, as well as Infrastructure and Mobile App Development.

I'm absolutely enamored by Cloud Based technologies, love using and experimenting with AWS, and am experienced in Firebase / GCP.

The technologies I actively use are:

  • - React / NextJS
  • - React Native
  • - GraphQL / Apollo / Hasura
  • - Node / ExpressJS
  • - AWS / GCP

In my free time you'll catch me trying to brainstorm and build the next big thing. Outside of coding, I love sports (49ers, Anaheim Ducks, and Warriors Fan 😎). And yea, that's a pretty good gist on me.

Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter about anything →

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Sign in With Apple Next JS

about 1 year ago

Learn how to use Sign In with Apple in a Next JS application, to power user auth for your next big project!

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Meshing GraphQL

about 1 year ago

Learn how to use GraphQL Mesh to quickly scaffold a GraphQL API wrapper around existing REST APIs. We'll build a quick Weather API to truly showcase the power of GraphQL Mesh.

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Building a QR Code Auth System.

about 1 year ago

How Airport App Built a Real Time Boarding Pass Scanning Authentication System.

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