Siddharth Sharma

Hi there, I'm Sidd! I'm a Full Stack Software Engineer.

The technologies I actively use are:

  • - React / NextJS
  • - React Native
  • - GraphQL / Apollo / Hasura
  • - Node / NestJS
  • - AWS / GCP

In my free time you'll catch me trying to brainstorm and build the next big thing. Outside of coding, I love sports (49ers, Anaheim Ducks, and Warriors Fan 😎).

Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter about anything →

Recent Blog Posts

Diagramming the future.

20 minutes ago

I'm joining Jordan as a Founding Engineer at Diagram, where we'll be buiding magical new ways to design products.

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Sign in With Apple Next JS

over 1 year ago

Learn how to use Sign In with Apple in a Next JS application, to power user auth for your next big project!

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Meshing GraphQL

over 1 year ago

Learn how to use GraphQL Mesh to quickly scaffold a GraphQL API wrapper around existing REST APIs. We'll build a quick Weather API to truly showcase the power of GraphQL Mesh.

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